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Facebook is now a tool of Government sensorship

Facebook having been the tool for DHS intelligence for the last two years is now switching its role to being free-speech hating tools of U.S. government censorship. Facebook is suspending any accounts that are either pro Bill of Rights, Pro 2nd Amendment, Pro Guns or Anti Obama Some of the Alternative news journalist accounts that where suspended was most of the Staff and the Infowars website itself     It is important to stress that most of these accounts have not simply been temporarily suspended, they have been shut down completely. Some are now being reinstated after complaints. Accounts that have been suspended can still …

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The US Government is gearing up for war against America

Over the past year, The Federal Government has been taking steps in preparation for war against the American people.  The answer is simple, America has become economically unstable, the unemployment numbers are nearing 24 percent, and the divide between the middle class and the poor is at its lowest since the 1st American civil war. First the US Army has plans for Re-Education Camps in and of it self is screams treason and is in direct violation of The Bill of Rights.

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Bloomberg to ban New Yorkers smoking in their homes

Mayor Bloomberg set to send Anti-smoking police to patrol New York neighborhoods and stop people smoking in their own homes. Police will be sent out to convince landlords and tenants across New York to turn their private buildings into smoke-free zones, according to the documents seen by the New York Post. The Police would ‘work with property owners, tenants, and others on adoption of voluntary smoke-free policies’, according to the documents obtained by the New York Post.

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