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    Framework Laptop pre-orders are now open

    Framework is a modular upgradeable, repairable, Laptop that is 100 percent customizable and starts at $999 USD. You can fully customize the hard drive, memory, speakers, video card, and other internal components making it the first upgradable laptop to come to market.

  • Microsoft Surface promises to eat apple ipads

    Microsoft proves it can take a bite out of Apple

    Microsoft unvieled the “Surface tablet” , Monday in Los Angelos California. The new device, designed to be a competior to the Apple Ipad might just take a bite out of the Apple’s Ipad  market, which has reportedly sold 3 million devices since its launch two years ago More

  • Mac Pro updated specs

    Mac Pro Updated Specs

    The new Mac Pro desktop codenamed (K5B) is rumored to be a monster of computing power and a massive upgrade that consumers have desperately been waiting for More

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    T-Mobiles Unlimited plan, is anything but unlimited

    So you wanted an unlimited phone plan, and sure you can make unlimited text and phone calls, but when it comes to data, your bandwidth is capped. T-Mobile’s new plans, Even More and Even More Plus offer unlimited phonecalls and messaging, but data is capped at 2GB a month.