T-Mobiles Unlimited plan, is anything but unlimited

So you wanted an unlimited phone plan, and sure you can make unlimited text and phone calls, but when it comes to data, your bandwidth is capped. T-Mobile’s new plans, Even More and Even More Plus offer unlimited phonecalls and messaging, but data is capped at 2GB a month.

Inflatable Sofas

Permanent inflatable sofas. With style. Designed in the Netherlands, perfect to crash on after a week long bender in the red light district. —Link

Samsung develops transparent LCD

Samsung, showcased a 14-inch OLED display the CES 2010 which when turned off becomes up to 40 percent transparent, the laptop concept is claimed to be the world’s first and largest transparent OLED laptop

Toshiba rolls out 512 Gig Solid State Drives

Toshiba Corp has started to mass production on solid state drives (SSDs) with 512GB capacity. The drives are currently only available inside Toshiba’s own notebook and the company has reduced originally declared performance figures.

Toshiba’s 512GB SSDs are based on 43nm NAND multi-level cell flash and are currently highest-capacity 2.5” solid-state drives. Toshiba now declares up to 230MB/s sequential read speed and up to 180MB/s sequential write speed for the new family of solid state drives, which is below originally declared performance figures, but which is still very high performance compared to competing devices.

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