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How to report an Illegal Immigrant

Here are some resources to report illegal immigrants, employers that hire illegal aliens, smugglers, human trafficking, and immigrant gang activity. These resources can be used to report illegal immigrants, report employers that hire illegal aliens, report illegal border crossings, report document and tax fraud, and other legal issues that Illegal aliens and the criminal element provide.

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How to Cajun Fry a Turkey

Get ready for next year’s Thanksgiving turkey that cooks in just 30 minutes. Purchase a 12lb – 20 pound¬† Turkey¬† from your favorite Grocery Store and Your Cajun Seasoning with Injector. Let your turkey thaw 6 hours. Once turkey is thawed, unwrap and clean your turkey with Luke warm water. Once Turkey is thawed get your Cajun Spice Injector kit and Take the Injector and fill it with the Liquid Spice. Inject the Turkey on all sides in every opening on the Turkey Start preparing your deep fryer by adding peanut oil or any other oil of your choosing. Add …

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How to Make Crack

A must for every school science project. This is purely for entertainment purposes. Evilware claims absolutely no responsibility if you are idiotic enough to actually try this For best results, use baking soda, however any non volatile white powder will work. Supplies you will need: A small glass container to heat-up the coke Baking soda, flower, corn starch, pancake mix A lighter, or gas stove top, or other open flame Cocaine Mix cocaine and baking soda at a 4:1 ratio (4 parts cocaine to one part baking soda). Make sure they are chopped into fine powder and mixed well, then …

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