A must for every school science project.

This is purely for entertainment purposes. Evilware claims absolutely no responsibility if you are idiotic enough to actually try this

For best results, use baking soda, however any non volatile white powder will work.
Supplies you will need:

  • A small glass container to heat-up the coke
  • Baking soda, flower, corn starch, pancake mix
  • A lighter, or gas stove top, or other open flame
  • Cocaine

Mix cocaine and baking soda at a 4:1 ratio (4 parts cocaine to one part baking soda). Make sure they are chopped into fine powder and mixed well, then combine them into the glass container.

Add a few drops of water until the mixed powder becomes like thin mud
Heat the bottom of the container, evenly, until the entire mixture begins to boil.
Once the mix starts to boil, remove from heat and let the mixture cool.
After cooling, it  should be a mass of hardened crack that still has bubbles of air-pockets in it from boiling.

To remove the bubble air-pockets in the crack rock, simply add more water into the glass container and reheat the mixture until you have a solid yellow crack-blob floating in the water.

Let the water and crack-blob cool, then remove the hardened mass.