How to Cajun Fry a Turkey

Get ready for next year’s Thanksgiving turkey that cooks in just 30 minutes.

  1. Purchase a 12lb – 20 pound  Turkey  from your favorite Grocery Store and Your Cajun Seasoning with Injector.

  2. Let your turkey thaw 6 hours. Once turkey is thawed, unwrap and clean your turkey with Luke warm water.
  • Once Turkey is thawed get your Cajun Spice Injector kit and Take the Injector and fill it with the Liquid Spice. Inject the Turkey on all sides in every opening on the Turkey

  • Start preparing your deep fryer by adding peanut oil or any other oil of your choosing. Add only to the half-way mark on the deep fryer. Let your cooker preheat to the correct temperature. Make sure to set up the Turkey fryer away from the house and anything that could potentially catch fire. Its best to have an ABC fire extinguisher on hand

  • Take extreme caution when placing the turkey into the Turkey Fryer. Use and wear protective gear, as boiling oil can cause severe burns. Remember to gentle set the turkey into the Turkey fryer using long handled tongs or specialty turkey skew. Do not drop the Turkey into the oil as this can cause the oil to splash and significantly increases your chance for catastrophe
  • Your turkey should cook at about 3 minutes per pound at about 350 degrees. Don’t over-heat the cooking oil because you could cause a fire or the bird to burn. Don’t under cook or your fried turkey will not be done as it should, this can lead to food born illness.

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