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Piracy losses greatly exaggerated says U.S. Gov

The finical losses reported by organizations such as the Business Software Alliance (BSA) and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) , The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)The claim is being lost due to piracy and copyright infringement according to this pdf by the U.S. Governments Accounting Office (GAO)

Work Related Stress Data

Three out of every four Americans define their work as stressful. Data suggests occupational stress is becoming a “global pandemic”, especially during the economic crisis.

Bedbug Registery

The Bedbug Registry is a free, public database of bedbug infestations. Use it to check for bedbug reports before booking a hotel room or renting an apartment. —Link

How to report an Illegal Immigrant

Here are some resources to report illegal immigrants, employers that hire illegal aliens, smugglers, human trafficking, and immigrant gang activity. These resources can be used to report illegal immigrants, report employers that hire illegal aliens, report illegal border crossings, report document and tax fraud, and other legal issues that Illegal aliens and the criminal element provide.

Visual Economics

Distinguished financial visualizations incorporating quantitative data and linear relationships. Learn about certificate of deposits, opening a savings account and compare rates —Link

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