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Breed Specific Laws a throw back to Jim Crow

Not Long ago, Jim Crow laws blanked the country. Separate but equal.  The notion, nearly 70 years later is foolish, most of the last few generations have never experienced yet even heard of such notions. In many communities around the nation, the same level of racism festers and grows, yet its against dogs not people.  The Pitt Bull, which is currently the worlds most discriminated dog continues to be a victim of racist and ignorant laws. The media of course being the perceptual attention mongers, continues to only push items about Pitt-bull attacks, this despite overwhelming evidence that its individual …

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Restaurant Owner turns away Disabled Vet over Service Dog

Glassmans Service Dog Was Denied Restaurant Service

An Iraq War Veteran from Oxford Massachusetts is claiming he was “belittled”  after He and his service dog where not allowed inside Big I’s, a diner in Oxford Massachusetts.   A Three year old Jack Russel terrier trained to hep James Glasser was not allowed inside as the owner of Big I’s,  Russel Ireland apparently said “get that f**king fake service dog out of my restaurant”  Glasser called the police who  told Ireland that Glasser has a right to be inside the restaurant with the dog, especially because the canine is assisting the man with a medical issues Someone claming to be …

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