Not Long ago, Jim Crow laws blanked the country. Separate but equal.  The notion, nearly 70 years later is foolish, most of the last few generations have never experienced yet even heard of such notions.

Petey the Pit Bull was trusted with Hollywood's biggest child stars

Petey the Pit Bull was trusted with Hollywood’s biggest child stars

In many communities around the nation, the same level of racism festers and grows, yet its against dogs not people.  The Pitt Bull, which is currently the worlds most discriminated dog continues to be a victim of racist and ignorant laws.

The media of course being the perceptual attention mongers, continues to only push items about Pitt-bull attacks, this despite overwhelming evidence that its individual dogs upbringing, not the breed itself that makes  up the pets personality.  The further ignorance is that there is not a breed of “Pitt-bull” rather a smaller subset of breeds which people believe are Pitt-bulls
According to the National Canine Research Council,

there is no scientific evidence that one kind of dog is more likely than any other to injure a human being.


Despite this, many communities around America embrace nearly identical laws banning dogs they believe are “Pitt Bulls” to that was in place with Jim Crow.