As a hailstorm of of social media, global animal rights groups have united in protest around a dog named Lennox.Lennox the-dog

Despite global protest and a two year campaign that has sparked international media attention, Lennox was put killed Wednesday by the city of Belfast under the U.K.s Dangerous Dog Act.

Lennox, a seven-year old black American bulldog and Labrador mix, was tagged as a “possible pitbull type” however no actual DNA tests where ordered and over the course of the two year legal battle, the courts refused to allow DNA testing to be performed.

During the two year legal battle, dog wardens for the city of Belfast sited that Lennox was “one of the most irradic dogs that had ever encountered. A clear indication that the dog was a threat. One minute he would be in his cage, and the next he would be trying to get at you and bark” 

While protests where staged in Belfast and in New York, the Belfast city council refused to Lennox to be relocated to an area outside of the U.K. specifically the United States, and further refused to allow Lennox’s owner, Caroline Barnes be present at his execution.

Victoria Stilwell The host of  Animal Planet’s dog-training program “It’s Me Or the Dog,” stated “she felt crushed that Belfast officials hadn’t permitted Lennox’s resettlement in a U.S. sanctuary for pit bulls.”