Glassmans Service Dog Was Denied Restaurant Service

An Iraq War Veteran from Oxford Massachusetts is claiming he was “belittled”  after He and his service dog where not allowed inside Big I’s, a diner in Oxford Massachusetts. 

 A Three year old Jack Russel terrier trained to hep James Glasser was not allowed inside as the owner of Big I’s,  Russel Ireland apparently said “get that f**king fake service dog out of my restaurant”  Glasser called the police who  told Ireland that Glasser has a right to be inside the restaurant with the dog, especially because the canine is assisting the man with a medical issues

Someone claming to be James Glasser, posted this Yelp Review

I am Retired MSgt James G, Disabled Vet with service dog trained by TADSAW, Train a Dog Save a Warrior. Today for lunch the wife and I, when I mention I it is always Jack (service dog) and I, wanted to eat at Big I’s 578 Main St Oxford, MA 01540 (508) 987-2224.  Hours: Mon-Sun 5 am – 3 pm. The second we walk through the door the cook/ owner I assume started cussing and telling me to get that F$#king FAKE service dog out of here. I told him he was not fake and had certification paperwork. He said he does not give a shit or have time for me and get out of his restaurant. The Oxford police came and took report and the guy even told the police that he does not care that it is a service dog and Jack nor I are welcome in there


The mood of the public and support for James Glassner on Yelp, has been over whelming.  Perhaps libtards everywhere will think twice before denying a disabled person, let alone a disabled vet lawfully guaranteed service