Star Trek Online, a Free-to-play (as in beer) video game is celebrating nine years of bolding going where no gaming computer has gone before.  The MMORPG, which has explored the multiple facets of the Star Trek Universe, including detailed missions where players can interact with notable icons of Star Trek Lore, recently has added Chase Masterson reprising her role as Leta of Star Trek Deep Space 9.


The Ninth birthday celebration includes in-game giveaways including a Star Ship, something that usually would cost 20 to 30 USD in the games online store for an equivalent product.  So if you have not already, you should check out Star Trek online, as it will cost you nothing to play and there are no play restrictions. The game is supported by an item mall, an online shopping guide that lets players buy additional in-game items to enhance their gaming experience, such items include ships, costumes, and specialized character services.