For years, Apple seemed like the prophetic white knight standing tall amidst a sea of of Microsoft Goblins, but as time has marched on, Apple has turned out to the the False Profit.

A call to arms to Boycott Apple is in order, no other company, not even Microsoft have used such rigorous Anti-competitive business practices.


You must buy Apple Approved Hardware from Apple. No other hardware will work

You’re limited as to what hardware you can use, only Apple Aproved hardware will work

Batterys (Iphone / IPAD) are built into the unit, should the battery go bad you have to have the unit go to an Authorized repair center, send your device in and wait for them to repair it

You’re limited to what you can and can not do with the limited hardware Apple will let you run, while various hacks do exist, such as Pear PC, and drivers for non supported Video cards, you further violate your warranty.



Iphone / Ipad –  Applications per Apple SDK licensing stipulate you can only use Apple “Approved” programming languages

Iphone Applications: Only approved applications will work on your Approved Iphone

Iphone Carrier: You can only use Apple’s approved carrier. Doing anything else will void your warranty with Apple, not to mention makes it vulnerable to various hacks (jail breaking)

No flash support, none!  WTF!  With Apples 4.0 SDK license, Apple disproves of Flash, will not let you sell your app if it is developed in flash, or any methodology other than blessed Mac Code (see coco)



Itunes:  Where to begin. First off, You can not transport your legally obtained music from one device to another, without 3rd party support.

You are locked into Itunes, buying from Amazon, or any other Music provider requires third party support.



Apple is unique in that Apple employees are not allowed to Blog, talk, speak, or otherwise do what most of us “normal” folks do. Their culture is closed, secretive and at best a greyish nightmare where a fanatical billionaire attempts to squeeze more money from an aging and niche consumer culture.


While the Apple still is geared for graphical development such as Web and Video Production, it completely lacks at standard business development. There is only a handful of tools for business applications and development, beyond web development you are limited on the Apple Platform.


Big Brother:

Apple likes to ban Applications, it finds completed , offensive, or just doesn’t like. Imagine the uproar if Microsoft did this with their software?



Apple takes from Open-Source software, and contributes nothing back in return.


Conclusion, Boycott Apple, simplisitic design in a world where choice and features are ever changing the landscape,  the one button use in the name of good design and simplicity only breeds and fuels an anti-competitive company that further fuels keeping its consumers ignorant in the use of a computer.


Want an Iphone, get a Driod, want a computer, Get a PC, want a server, Get Redhat Linux, in a world of choices, Boycott Apple.