President Obama and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) want you to stop worrying about Ebola.  Despite numerous pleas from Politicians, Petition on the Whitehouse.Gov to close the borders, President Obama wants you to think Ebola is like winning the lotto in terms of chances of catching the disease.

Instead of following examples where the rest of the Civilized world, including second and third world countries are now banning travel from Ebola hot spots, the Obama administration appointed a political hack, which has long time ties to the Democratic Party, but no medial training, or even training in emergency management as the “Ebola Czar”.obama-satan

Further to to down play how deadly Ebola is, the Centers for Disease Control is under direct orders by the  Obama Administration to further alter data and down play the infectious nature of Ebola.

The Centers for Disease control, who has stated “Ebola is not Airborne”, directly contradicts what the Army Medical Research Division (ARMID) released in a report in 195 that stated


“The potential of aerogenic infection was established virus by using a head-only exposure aerosol system.”

This of course means that someone infected with the disease on an airplane, and coughs, sneezes, breathes, potentially could infect everyone around them.

Despite the potential for a wide spread pandemic that could easily start in a few weeks, and could infect over a tenth of the adult population inside the United States in a matter of a few weeks, travelers from Ebola hot-zones are allowed to enter the  United States.

It is Estimated by the NTSB, that roughly 1000 travelers per week are entering the United States via airports.

Further, giving someone a digital temperature reading does nothing to actually screen for the virus, as is the case with Craig Spencer, A Doctor who is with Doctors without Borders.

Spencer, recently returned from West Africa and has tested positive for Ebola. He only did so a few days after being inside the United States, and passing the mandatory temperature check at JFK airport which He passed through.  The night before  Spencer called 9-1-1 to have himself admitted for Ebola, He went to play several rounds of bowling.

Just in a mere three days, the doctor could have come into contact with as much as 4900 people between the Airport, his home in Harlem, the flight, and accounting for the fact the Ebola virus can live outside a human host on a hard surface for up to several hours in most cases.


Further there is evidence that the CDC in conjunction with the Bolder Patrol is disappearing anyone in detention center with Ebola like symptoms.


A  source inside the Pentagon have stated , “The Pentagon is concerned with a political made pandemic. We have made it very clear to congress, that Obama’s policies are danger to national security”