A Journalist over at the Daily Beast thinks that Sen. Rand Paul, who happens to have a licensed doctor is just “scare mongering” about the deadly disease Ebola.

The Journalist in question is Sally Kohn, a contributor to “The Daily Beast”, apparently received courses in virology, infectious diseases, epidemiology, and infectious disease control, to make such bold claims. images


Perhaps liberal journalists truly do know everything. Who would have thought a degree in what is a bastardized version english major and easily completed in four years imparts the same level medical knowledge that four years college, four years medical school, two years residency would impart.

Maybe its the liberal mindset, maybe its brain damage, or maybe its something else, such as politics, but the daily beast contributor does everything possible to deflect the warnings of a doctor.

With contributors such as Sally Kohn who drones on and on with fuzzy logic without citing the actual source, such as “The former head of the Republican Party in South Carolina recently tweeted that anyone in the United States who has Ebola should be euthanized immediately”.