An illegal Immigrant from El Salvador was arrested and ordered held on $500,000 bail.  Jose Wilbur Hernandez is charged with stabbing his Englewood room mate in the heart.

Hernandez was being taken to the Bergen County Jail. He has been charged with attempted murder and two illegal weapons possession counts.

The 27-year-old victim remained in critical condition at Hackensack University Medical Center this afternoon.illegal-immigrant-stabbing

Hernandez remanded himself to police custody at a bus stop a few blocks down the street after they called him on his cellphone, police offices stated.

The officers administered first aid after responding to the 12:40 a.m. disturbance call, the captain said.  Emergency medical personnel arrived on the scene moments later.


Editorial Comment

Illegal Immigration is a gateway crime, and yet has nearly claimed the life of another fellow American.   America has a formal process in which to legally immigrant into the country. The process is designed to make sure these sub human barbarians do not become a negative blight to society.