EA having sought out the virtue of profit,  has decided to  the shutdown of Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar.  The game, an exclusively written title for  iOS devices  on August 29th, will be forever lost to the digital abyss.

The closure of Ultima Forever, follows the closing of  the games developer, EA Mythic which was shutdown in May.   Ultima Forever soon to go forever

The game was a free-to-okay action RPG that launched in August of 2013 for the iOS and promised “hundreds of hours of quests and dungeons”, as well as standard MMO co-op with players.

Now upon the lasts days, players of Ultima Forever can ejoy increased loot and experience rewards, non-degradable equipment, and other perks, to hurry up and become the beacon of virtue before the black digital nether envelopes  them all upon service shutoff.