Global Warming having started with the hippies in the 1960’s, the radical politicization of global warming has grown from something with very little scientific basis, to an item that has been scientifically dis-proven. Yet even today you will find Scientists funded by these radical  earth worshiping groups creating studies with absolutely no scientific merit.  You will find biased and heavily leaning left media all but worshiping at the troff of Gia worship, peddling these articles as though they where the truth, and people inside the leftist moment consuming and believing the lies.

A good example of how the left is pushing an agenda, is Google “Climate Gate”, in a nut shell a bunch of scientists all of whom had reportedly pushed for years that the Earth was doomed unless everyone give up their cars, electricity and We all just live in mud huts and eat insects.  Turns out these scientists falsified the information and it turns out, the World has not gained a single degree since 1994, despite China building a coal fired energy plant one every other day to meet their needs. SGlobal Warming is just a bunch of Hot Air

The goal of Gia worship may have simply started out with a kind notion, be better to the earth.  We agree, that sounds great, but what it has evolved into is something so sinister and vile, the truth looks more akin to a James Bond movie.

Now days politicians use “Environmentalism” to pay back political favors to certain groups who make campaign donations, and for private expanse of their personal wealth.  The latest such example is the Bundy Ranch land grab by BLM.

Documents uncovered earlier this week link Harry Reid’s son, Rory Reid, has been the chief representative to the Chinese firm, which announced its plan to build a $5 billion solar plant on public Nevada land in 2012.

We have all heard of the “Carbon Tax” but what is carbon? Well its the very element of life on this big spinning around the sun. Carbon is present in all living things, so why is it global elitists who already have their hands in the pockets of everyone on the planet,  are pushing for a “Carbon Tax”?  It is no surprise that world leaders and politicians want way to tax life itself, and what better way than trying to tax the very base element of life, carbon?

It quickly becomes no surprise that such a movement first proclaimed that global warming will cause the world to melt, and we should move away from fossil fuels. Many such as Al Gore made a tidy sums off selling goods and services off the lie.  One such example is Al Gore’s DVD Movie “An Inconvenient Truth” which came in oil created plastics, and did a lecture series, where he would fly his private jet from city to city demanding often times hundreds of dollars per ticket per speaking engagement.   He demonized fossil fuels and demonized carbon. The hypocrisy only deepened as Al Gore solid  Current TV, to oil backed Al-Jazeera. Leaving the company with 100 Million dollars, and its employees who where already on the brink of mental collapse to further lose any sense of self worth.