National Talk Show Host, former Reagan staffer has written something so inspiring in a time  that Americans everywhere are searching for an answer to what has become the largest, and out of control Government.Book :The Liberty Amendments by Mark Levin

“The Liberty Amendments” makes a constitutional case by case blue print for America to get the government back under control, and quickly. Its not filled with large sub pretexts on political bias, but rather a hard core belief in easily digestible format why even the most die hard of progressive liberal can agree to some of the principles laid out in the book.

With Republicanism spreading like a virus across the country, the notion of liberty and freedom, the founding principles that America was founded upon under attack by a large and broken Federal Government. The FBI, DHS, NSA and other 3 letter departments all spying, harassing and intimidating Americans for their political views, it is no wonder when a beacon of light is thrown into the murky dark sea that has become Americas political landscape, that “The Liberty Amendments” premiered as number 1 on Amazon for two weeks only to drop to number 3 at the time of this article

Perhaps the biggest feat “The Liberty Amendments” brings to the reader is hope.  The American political landscape has rapidly degenerated over the years into something that does not remotely resemble what the founders of the country had in mind, nor does it even fit the definition of freedom.

“One of the biggest tenants of the Liberty Amendments is the argument it makes, in that ‘We the People’, have the power change the out of control political quagmire that has become Washington, or as Mike Church, a pro libertarian talk show host on Sirius  puts it “Moor-door on the Pantomimic ”

As time passes “The Liberty Amendments” will go on to be taught in colleges, not only for its brilliance in engaging the reader, but for the monumental importance of understanding the rights afforded in the U.S. Constitution against what has become a train wreck of a goverment