Racism is dead, Long live racism!  You would Here it is nearly 60 years after the first bits of civil rights started being an issue.  America and the world are vastly different than what it was 60 years ago.  America has gone far from Jim Crowe laws enacted by the Democratic party, to equality.  Opera Winfrey, Snoop Lion Dawg, Bianoce, Rhianna, Alan West, Thomas Sorwell, Morgan Freeman, Herman Caine, just to name a few  that all are shining examples of Martin Luther Kings , I had a dream. They can not proclaim life has been bad to them.

So when Al Sharpton , or Rev Jessie Jackson talk about the suppression of blacks, who are they really kidding here?  Do they that we live in a world where if your black you are going to the back of the bus, or if your Latino you can not get a drivers license?  As that with every year is what they preach. not love, Not look at what we have accomplished, not unity, but hate, and here is why

They are Dinosaurs

Long gone are days of being judged by skin color. Americans do not care, yet the racism business is alive and well. In August 2011, Sharpton took over the 6 p.m. slot from Keith Olbermann, who earned more than $4 million per year working in the same slot at the network. Sharpton also drew a $240,000 salary from his nonprofit group, National Action Network, in 2011 even as the group racked up nearly $1 million in unpaid federal payroll taxes, interest, and penalties. Sharpton has been paid well as a race baiterAl Sharpton

While Rev Jessie Jackson likes to keep his personally affairs private back in 2001 it was relieved , is making public a variety of new details, including his $120,000 salary from those groups and his organizations’ $1.3 million in annual travel expenses.

Even when it was reviled that Travon Martin was a Thug, had marijuana in his system, called the short pudgy Hispanic man, George Zimmerman a racial remark of ” a creepy cracker”. Calling it a racial travesty, Oh really?

Where is your love? Your Compassion?  As a preacher are we not all of gods children?

Where is the comments of Unity and Moral Outrage over some of these Headlines:

ww2 vet beaten to Death Spokan Washington

Illegal Allien kills 19 year old Jessica Pham

Wait, that does not fit your narritive.  Neither Jessie Jackson nor Al Sharpton commented on these senseless and equally horrific acts of violence.  They equally ignored the Baby Shot in the Face by Black Teens or the 2 Women gang raped by by 10 – 12 black teens or  Waves of Black on White Violence right after the Travon Martin Verdict.

Instead of calling for Love, peace, compassion, Al Sharpton Rev Jessie Jacksonand Jessie Jackson continue to the same old mantra of the race card, they have become the very agents of hate they so long ago marched against.  If you said these where White mobs beating black people, you can bet Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson would be there, demanding justice. Their silence in the wake of these events is deafening and goes to show what their true motives are. Its no longer about justice, its about racism, hate and the money they can make by promoting it

We openly invite Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton to respond to the wave of racially motivated violence that is sweeping across the country and prove us wrong. However, we are not counting on it.