Liberals are all crying, We need to go to war with Syria, but why?  Syria is no threat to the United States, it does not have troops on our borders, and quite frankly it has nothing to do with U.S. Security.  While it is  tragic that people are dying there in their prolonged civil war, It in no way is America’s responsibly to police the world, nor is it death toll in the recent gas attack of any National Concern. The Obama Administration wants to go to war. and thus complete another term, where are all the liberals screaming its racism, that America is going to bomb brown people?   Any military action will cost lives, both American and Syrian. Any intervention will only serve to further fan the flames of war, which could easily spiral out of control and spill over the borders, costing additional lives in the region. If pain, death and suffering are the mantra of the Democratic party, then look no further than Syria. Everything that the Democratic party has been ralling against in the Iraq war they now are cheering for in Syria.Syria

Bush was called a War criminal, people scream and chanted when America went to War with Iraq. Indeed, Iraq was a war over WMD’s that where not ever found. Yet, now the Liberal narrative that Syria has WMD’s and America must charge in, save the people, oh and take those WMD’s  Really? Liberals, can you be any more hypocritical?

What is amazing is Obama is quick to rush America head long into another war, When after campaigning on a no War slogan has been anything but. Further if Politicians want to go about touting saving lives, then what about the 580 people who died last year in Chicago.  The progressives for all their laws, couldn’t prevent one death in Chicago with the nations toughest gun laws on the books.  So why should America get involved in transporting billions of dollars in resources to save Syria, when the latest gas attack may have killed 100 people. In the words of Former First Lady and Secretary of State “What Difference Does it Make”. If 4 American men die holding off 150 armed terrorists in Benghazi, including a U.S. Diplomat while the Pentagon was ordered to stand down and do nothing, Who cares?

Just as Woodrow plunged the United States into World War 1 a deeply unpopular war that had absolutely nothing to do with American interests.  The polls and papers of the era wrote volumes and the general, consensus was that US intervention had been a mistake, and the Congress passed laws in an attempt to preserve U.S. neutrality in any future conflict. Polls taken in 1937 and the opening months of World War II established that nearly 60% regarded intervention in WWI as a mistake.  America lost 106,000 men in what was a lengthy bloody conflict in a war that America did not want, nor need.