On Sunday afternoon former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean (D) went about the typical democratic talking points and attempted to demonize Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) during an interview  on  CNN.  He criticized Ted Cruz’s ideas for health care reform and continued down the same Democratic mantra of bigger government. CNN  anchor failed to point out, that even the co-author of Obama care, agrees he never read the bill.  Howard Dean further went to demonize the very notion that Ted Cruz go on to win the 2016 Presidential Election.Howard Dean proves hes a democratic sock puppet

“Ted Cruz may be a very good politician but he certainly doesn’t know anything about health care,” Dean said.

CNN’s Candy Crowley in her typical lack luster fashion failed to ask any hard hitting questions or offer Ted Cruz a chance to debate. Instead, it was yet another show of political puppetry, a paid for public event by the democratic contributors who own stolk in CNN.
Howard Dean’s biggest beef was Cruz’s stance on individual choice and free market principles. The biggest part that drives down the cost of anything, is allowing the Free market to decide what something is worth, not goverment, in which Dean, like all Democrats can not seem to collectively wrap their heads around

Howard Dean who suffered a wowful defeat to John Kerry in 2004, was a political contender for the presidency, but after a series of gaffes and a lack luster appeal to key demographics, 73.9 percent of the population, he dropped out

Dean is a contributor to financial news network CNBC, and also a frequent guest on sister network MSNBC,a perfect place for such a pro large government socialist Democrat, and continues to shine how Main Stream Media (MSM) continues to back the Democratic party with thinly veiled prime-time attack ads disguised as political commentary