Miley Cyrus made a big hit to decency and what passes for entertainment on MTV.  She performed the song “We cant stop” with all the entertainment value of watching meth addicts offering  to perform sexual favors for cash. Miley Cyrus showed everyone watching  MTV’s Video Music awards what she really is, a washed up child actress that used to be Hanna Montana and now is  a talent-less hack who for lack of skill or talent made overt references to ecstasy “Molly” and was nothing more than a what could be described as of the lower fleshy extremities in a lascivious manner with the intent to elicit sexual arousal or laughter in the audience.  She showed the world that she had absolutely no more skill, creative poise or ability and is vulgar for the shock value passing it as entertainment.

Instead of a grand performance for what should be entertainment by the entertainer, instead Miley Cyrus performed that which belongs in a low class strip club, minus the pole and the fact she sang the lines, you have yourselves an abortion of what one could call entertainment.   What you have minus the song is an uMiley Cyrus ie Hanna Montananmistakable assault on decency  and a poisoning of the culture much akin to that of a pornographic postcard on entertainment itself.  What Miley Cyrus has done with what she can image is debatable, but this her character and her outlook, the bedrock decency as an entertainer did not exist in her performance. Clearly such forms of entertainment do have a place and they do flourish in our culture, usually near the bad sections of towns and near airports

Miley Cyrus performed her hit summer song “We Can’t Stop” at the 2013 MTV VMAs, but without one of the track’s racy lines “dancing with molly” was removed as that might of pissed off the FCC.