Illegal Alien Julio Blanco Garica was high on PCP at the time back in 2010. He was wondering around the Falls Church shopping mall parking with his infant daughter when 19-year-old Vanessa Pham offered the man a ride.

Venessa Pham murderd by illegal alien

Venessa Pham age 19

Garcia got upset when Pham made  wrong turn and stabbed her 13 times. Garcia’s defense attorneys said he was high on PCP and was hallucinating.  No valuables were taken from Pham and there were no signs of rape.

A detective confirmed that the fingerprints on the knife that was used to brutally stab Vanessa repeatedly as she drove down the road. While the attack was quick, coroners confirmed that the grievous wounds suffered would have been exceedingly painful, and Vanessa would have died do to either shock due to massive blood loss attributed to multiple stab wounds, 4 of which would have punctured the lungs, 2 puncturing the stomach. While coronary estimates put her death at roughly two minutes after the wounds where inflicted, the serve pain and shock fully knowing she was going to die  had to be terrifying.  Image the shock and terror as one minute she was alive trying to help out A Man and his baby, just a few short moments later she was brutally stabbed to death. This was at the behest of the defense attorney not allowed evidence before the jury. Pham’s car ran off the road and flipped on its side after she was murdered. No valuables where taken, her purse was still in tact.

Julio blanco illegal alien

Julio blanco 31 an Illegal Alien from Mexico

Julio Blanco Garcia was only sentenced to 49 years, a sentence the family maybe okay with, but We are not. He stole a young woman’s life, she had her life ahead of her, never able to experience the joy all of life’s experiences have to offer.  Julio Blanco Garcia should have never have been in the country, He should be up on charges for terrorism and been sentenced to death.  Right after the court adjourned he should have been lead to his grave. He is going to have another 49 years of life behind bars, before he gets out and is able to finish living his life, all of which comes at the tax payers expense. A man who should have never of been in this country in the first place. is getting 49 years  of 3 meals a day, a warm bed and a roof over his head while Venessa Pham is dead.

This was another senseless murder indirectly sanctioned by Pro Immigration groups and Politicians. How many more must die before America gets harsh on Illegal Aliens. They should be treated as the criminals they are: stripped of all property and not guaranteed any more rights than those given to prisoners of war.  Should they commit any crime that inflects harm to any citizen they should be fully punished not rewarded with long life in a prison where food, medication and shelter are provided.