Seattle's Gun Free Zone Map

Seattle’s Gun Free Zones

In the brilliance of Seattle’s Community Leadership and culture local businesses are advertising they are “Gun Free Zones” as we all know that criminals strictly adhere to laws, like do not rape, or kill, or go on a drug fueled shooting spree. Since they have adopted a website in which to promote how great they are, as a Gun Free Establishments in Seattle, full knowing that they may lose only a few customers, but gain the knowledge that criminals will only come at them with Nerf certified sling shots. Stead fast in the certainty that when seconds count, the cops will be there in just in time to call the Connors office and take some pictures

Since remains committed to America’s communities, We have decided create a GUN Free Zone Map, for everyone in the community to enjoy.

Now criminals, remember these are gun free establishments. You must leave your gun in your car, or at home, or trash can as these fine establishments not only have banded together to put stickers on their windows, but they have made everyone else , including law abiding citizens who normally would pull their concealed weapons out and put a very big hole in your chest, do the same.  These businesses ask that you obey  their private property rights when victimizing them, should you victimize them.

While we can not for certain speak for any one of these businesses but we are sure they may further ask wood-be criminals to please not yell, wear clean cloths and shower , shave, or otherwise act in a manor that is scary, such as pointing your fingers in the shape of a gun.