The Great State of Missouri’s Rep Rory Ellinger (D) has proposed gun grabbing legislation, which is a copy of Diane Feinstein’s proposed Senate based bill. The bill would outlaw not just assault weapons, but all semi-automatic guns, any gun with one or more militaristic style characteristics, including a pistol grip, telescoping stock, or has a 1o round or more capacity.  The proposed law would make it a class C felony to own a gun inside the  Great Welfare State of Missouri

gun grabbing commie rory ellinger

Rory Ellinger (D) wants forced confiscations of all guns

What is amazing  is yet again this is we all know criminals follow laws. Look at Chicago, it has some of the toughest gun control laws in the country and had the most shootings in the country. Now imagine that at the State level. Missouri will run red with blood of law abiding citizens are gunned down by criminals.

Its time for people to see this for what it is, A communist gun grab that will lead to increased crime rates in Missouri and a dramatic increased rate of homicides.