73 Percent of All jobs are Gov Jobs

73% of All Jobs created in the last 6 months where Gov Jobs

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Seventy-three percent of the new jobs created in the United States over the last six months are in government, according to official data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.73 Percent of All jobs are Gov Jobs

In June, a total of 142,415,000 people were employed in the U.S,  including 19,938,000 who were employed by federal, state and local governments.

By November, the total number of people employed had climbed to 143,262,000, an overall increase of 847,000 in the six months since June.

In the same six-month period since June, the number of people employed by government increased by 621,000 to 20,559,000. These 621,000 new government jobs created in the last six months equal 73.3 percent of the 847,000 new jobs created overall.

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