Piers Morgan, CNN’s late evening bottom barrel talk show host in a ghoulish tweet stated how gleeful he was that 26 people died in the mass shooting in Connecticut.  There are no other words to describe it, as posted over at BreitBart,  Piers Morgan is a U.K. citizen who has expressed his joy over the death of children over a horrible tragedyPieces-morgan-is-gleeful-over-killing

Piers Morgan,who is wanted in connection for hacking charges in the U.K. and allowed to work in the U.S. via work visa, has had over the passed several days expressed his disdain of America’s culture, values and beliefs, and clearly thinks nothing of the death school children.

Several groups, political leaders, and private citizens all are petitioning the state department, CNN and the white house to have this bottom feeding ghoulish troll of a human being deported from the United States.

Evilware endorses the petition as anyone who promotes violence against children does not belong inside the United States.