In recent wake of Connecticut’s shooting, both Texas and Tennessee are considering laws to train and arm teachers in order to prevent school shootings.

A members of the Republican-controlled legislature’s plans during its upcoming session to introduce a bills that would allow the state to pay for secretly armed teachers in classrooms, in order to help prevent the tragic losses of life at the hands of deranged gunman in easy victim “gun-free” zonesArming Teachers In Texas and TN

Both Texas Governor Rick Perry and Tennessee Governor  Bill Haslam endorse arming teachers to protect children.

In a piece of timely news, Michigan’s Governor Rick Perry voted a bill Thursday that would abolish “gun free” zones, allowing concealed weapons carriers to protect themselves on school grounds. The Governor, who said the law would not do enough to ensure public safety,even though Michigan is home to two of the biggest urban combat zones in the nation, Detroit and Flint Michigan