In America, Main Stream media more often than not is pushing its liberal and highly biased agenda down its viewers throats, far gone are the days of Walter Cronkite and other investigative journalism by large media sources. Now days you find “journalists” pandering to their audience much like that of one would a Facebook post.  With Comcast owning NBC and having a massive double vested state in GE, you will never hear on NBC /MSNBC how GE after making record profits and not have 1 dollar in tax liability has moved vast operations outside the United States to Canada, China and other countries, mean while Disney’s ABC would never think about upsettingPiers Morgan hates guns so much, he should just sod off and head back to the UK its share holders. CBS’s 60 minutes has at times made recent strives in hard hitting journalism only to have some middle management tool offer an apologetic as a secret bank backed owner does not like seeing their pet project on main stream TV, and then of course CNN, who once it completed its transition to AOL-Time Warner, again the level of news quality sharply declined. Then of course you have Fox news, which is owned by News Corporation, the same folks who own the WSJ, The NY Post, among others.

Libor, being the largest multi-national bank ripoff in history, in which the banks artificially raised and lowered the rate in which money was lended and levied against to further buy and sale stock based upon the rate in which they borrowed received little if any main stream media coverage, even though nearly every person on the planet has been ripped off to the extent of hundreds of billions of dollars.  WHY? Because banks own main stream media, and the owners of those banks that they have committed fraud on a global scale

With the creation of Super Pacs, Foreign governments and individuals can spend unlimited amounts of money to directly influence an election. Added to it, many times over once their candidate is in office, the politician often passes a  pork barrel spending measure that gives public tax dollars directly to the country or organization that sponsored them in the election, further creating a never ending cycle of political corruption

Reporting on the corruption is not in the best interest of these banks, so instead lets focus on items to distract the viewer, such as modern tribalism, IE the vast wealth given to illegal immigrants in the form of housing, food stamps and medical care all the while U.S. Citizens and Veterans go without antique medical care, education, or shelter.   Instead of reporting on political corruption, police brutality, or even defending their right to work, and the right to free speech, you get non-stop coverage of a  lunitic shooter and vast quantities of political coverage demanding gun control as guns kill an average of less than 9,000 a year in the U.S. and gun manufacturers are prohibbited from advertising on T.V. yet prescription drugs kill an average of 120,000 a year and leave nearly twice that with life threatening injuries such as organ failure and nobody will say “ban prozac” as that’s the next commercial between the long rants by socialistic dweebs such as Piers Morgan.