Rahm Emanuel, the Mayor of Chicago calls for an assault weapons ban just days after the mass shooting in Connecticut.  While everyone can agree, the lone acts of a mad man shooting up a school is tragic, let us not just as a nation but as a decent human being give the families time to at least bury and mourn their losses before turning yet another sad event in history into another stopping ground to demonize tools to further push their socialistic agendaGuns Protect your liberity

Democrat’s, the bias mainstream news media, and gun-haters alike are quick to point out IT WAS A GUN, that was responsible for the tragic loss of life, all the while streaming the last 72 hours non-stop images of the victims in a parade of “death porn”. The illogical is staggering, as it was the deranged actions of a lunatic who stole weapons from his relatives.  Guns do not walk into schools by themselves and shoot people, and to date their never has been a mass shooting at ; A gun range, A gun show, A Police Convention, Shooting Tournament  just to name a few.  The liberal media would have you believe a gun will instantly turn you into a sociopath or that few instants of mas shootings in this country are justification for giving up your freedom for protection.

A gun is a tool and like any tool, its use is determined by the person using it. In the case of guns, America’s Bill of Rights, the 2nd Amendment guarantees the right for citizens to arm themselves against any and all who would impose tyranny on them, including the government itself.

In the case of the Connecticut shooter, a state that has some of the nations strictest gun control laws, the victims where defenseless.  Dialing 9-1-1 did not prevent the tragic loss of life, but if just one person had been armed, the loss of life could have been minimized