In January New Zeland law enforcement as well as U.S. FBI agents raided the home of Kim Dotcom, the creator of the file sharing site MegaUpload. The raid was U.S.  plan backed by the MPAA and RIAA to shut down the site and arrest Dotcom and other MegaUpload staff, charging them pircey.

Kim DotCom House Raided

Even this cat sayz WTF at FBI NZ Raid of Kim DotCom

This video taken from one of the helicopters used in the raid has surfaced. The video shows the helicopter landing inside the mansion that was being rented by Kim Dotcom, and where he, his family, his staff and others were present when the raid began.

The video also shows the helicopter circling around the mansion after landing and taking off again. It also shows footage of Dotcom testifying in court, talking about his experiences during the raid.

It becomes very clear that the extreme amount of law enforcement used was far beyond excessive, which included two helicopters, sixty-three  police  with assault weapons, multiple dog teams, and demolitions unit.

In June, the judge in the case ruled that the search warrants that were issued for the MegaUpload raid were made illegally. Dotcom is waiting for an extradition hearing to be held in 2013, which could see him taken to the US for trial.

Should Kim DotCom be extradited to the United States , he more than likely will spend the remainder of his years in jail as the United States legal system is wrought with political corruption and draconian intellectual property right laws