US Oplympians who win at the 2012 Olympics will have to pay the IRS for being winners.  Its not enough that America’s athletes have dedicated their lives to becoming top atheltes in their field and hopefully in the world.  This year when American Atheletes bring home the Gold, they will also be the top payers in the world thanks to the wonderful tax reforms brought to you by the IRS and the Obama Administration.

IRS Wins when America Wins

US Medal Winners are the rare few that actually are taxed on their victories

America making sure that its not only the Number 1 in the world for money spent on defense, Number 1 spent on Healthcare, Number 1 spent on Forigen Aid, but Number 1 in the world when it comes to taxing Winners.

Olympians who bring home the Gold will pay 8,986 dollars on their 25000 prize money, while Silver medalists will pay 5,385 dollars for their 15,000 prize money and bronze medalists will pay 3,500 dollars on their 10,000 dollars in prize money. In addition to being the top athletes in the world, they are also be the top taxed Winners of the world.

America is one of the few countries that actually tax “world wide prize money” as America strives to be Number 1 in everything, be it Athletics,  Illegal Immigrants, Number of Continuous Wars, or the most convoluted tax system in the world.