So the actor, Jason Alexander (George on Seinfield) in an attempt to drum up some form of attention, decided to have a large anti-gun rant via twitter.  The man went on and on making an empassioned argument than guns should only be in the hands of the goverment. We all have seen how the goverment has handled The Jason Alexander IE GEORGE from Seinfeld is a librial gun hating douchbagEconomy, Education, The Enviroment, Food and Drugs. Its why the country is nearly 17 trillion in debt, Americans are fat, dumb, and dying more to perscription drugs than the very drugs they declaired war on. 

Clearly Jason Alexander has had no real long term paying gigs of late. His IMDB profile reads like a meth addicts resume, going from a hard working individual to a series of short unmemerable jobs placed in short order.  While it may be great for someone who is begining their career in show-biz, Jason’s career sank like a stone shortly after Seinfeld.  Perhaps if Jason can make more impassioned plea’s to ban guns based purely on the belief that unarmed civilians are always protected and safe by criminals and their goverment, maybe he will generate just enough media sensation to land a job that at least lasts to sweeps week