Charles Garcia, CEO of Garcia Trujilo wants illegal to be a racial slur. His career has been that of a political commentary and his latest commentary is at war war on words.  Earlier this month CNN posted an Article “Why ‘illegal immigrant’ is a slur” , Now a near word for word post reappeared in the Huffington Post titled “Why ‘Illegal Immigrant’ is a Slur“.

The Author, Charles Garcia is in our opinion, just another biased liberal playing off controversy and hate to profit off of. He offers nothing insightful in his articles other than fuzzy logic on why “illegal immigrant” should be classified as a racial slur to Latin Americans who have violated U.S. Immigration law.

As posted earlier in our response to the first article by Charles Garica,  calling him a “bleeding heart liberal douche bag” as there seems to be no end to the level in which this person will continue a campaign of profiteering off controversy all the while attempting to legitimize criminal activity for further political gain.