For many, the closing of Border Patrol stations will lead to death of many Americans, and many more will become victims of crime.

The Obama Administration last week announced it has decided to close nine Border Patrol stations Along the U.S.  Mexico Border. Amidst a tide of illegal immigrants who routinely enter the country.  For many, the U.S. Mexico border is a hot bed of illegal activity for Drug Smuggling and human trafficking , to  violence and murder that happens along these border areas.

Many critics have come out raising their voice in corncern that the closing of these stations will leave the towns along the border without Federal Agents to assist in patrols for illegal activity and to help with arrests of illegal aliens.

With the closing of the Border Patrol Stations and reassignment of Personal, this will ultimately lead to fewer criminals being arrested, allowing for crime to spill into border towns and from there into the rest of America.

The loss of life due to illegal aliens is staggering, in a 2006 Article Titled “Illegal Aliens Murder 12 Americans Daily” stated that more Americans where murdered by Illegal Aliens since 2001 than we lost in the Iraq War, a sobering number as the death toll has continued to climb as the Obama Administration and California further support the invasion of America by illegal Aliens

Leaving America’s borders open to drug smugglers, human traffickers is the least of America’s problems. Since 9/11/2001 America has been in a heightened state of security. We understand that our world has people who would like to see America burn to the ground.  With America’s southern border open, it would be trivial for Terrorists to enter America along the southern border with weapons of mass destruction, such as a loose nuke or biological agent. It would be trivial for a handful of people once inside the United States go to high population centers and deliberately infect themselves with a highly contagious biological agent and then wonder the streets, subways, or other public areas. A full spread pandemic could easily be achieved with catastrophic level loss of life with the most minimalist of resources.

As violent criminals continue to enter our country, the Obama Administration earlier last month extended their hand to illegal immigrants. For many critics and some supports pointed out this is a blatant attempt to pander to the Hispanic minority vote as Obama is lagging behind Romney by 10 points in the polls.