Over the 4th of July, comedian Chris Rock called the 4th of July made the following tweet

“Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks.”Chris Rock Comedian is a racist dinosour

With all political correctness aside, Chris Rock, are you a fucking retard?  Its the year 2012 not 1812, Really nobody gives a flying rats ass what skin color you are, its all about who you are and how you treat others.  The 4th of July is a reminder for all Americans, not just “White people” to remember all that we have, as a nation have accomplished as a nation.  Its a time to remember that, We the People, not Them the Government make this country great, Its a time to remember all of those who poured their sweat, spilled their blood and gave their very lives defending and protecting the very ideals of Freedom.

Maybe you meant it to be funny, we all know you have made a career being annoying and offensive, but has life made you so bitter, or is your ego so far out of  place that you can not for one day, Enjoy all that America stands for, and instead smear it with racist crap.

It would be all over the headlines if some Caucasian celebrity said something of nearly equal distaste, so that’s why everyone is calling you out Chris Rock. America as a culture is tired of labels, either you’re an American or your not. We all bleed red and you have shown to the vast majority of the world that you are a racist dumb ass, but your brand of humor that propelled you to fame in the 90’s is over, as well it should be.