10 words that will land you a job

10 words than can land you a job

Studies have shown that employers like to hear 10 words when interviewing a candidate .10 words than can land you a job

  1. Flexible: Your life, Your time, its theirs. Get over it
  2. Solutions: Everyone has one, you should have at least 3
  3. Commitment: If they hire you, you are dedicated to the task at hand
  4. Learned: You past job experiences have given you the edge, highlight it
  5. Direct: Communication is key, tell them you want the job and you are qualified to do it
  6. Competency: You can do what the job entails, what ever it is
  7. Impact: You will have a positive impact on the workplace
  8. Results: You get results they want
  9. Recognized: You have gained some fame for your past accomplishments
  10. Persistence: You do not give up easily, and they do not want you to

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Written by Evilware

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