15 Free IT tools for OS/X that kick ass

Unlike Windows or Linux, Apple’s OS/X at times tends to be seen as the hipster friendly OS with flashy colorful easy to use interface yet completely lacks any real use as a business platform.   OS X Free Tools that rock

  1. VLC: A Cross platform multi-codec multi-media player that plays Music and Videos –Link
  2. NetSpot: A Free WIFI Heat MAP  –Link
  3. ZTerm: A Serial port Termial –Link
  4. Total Termal: A system wide terminal available under every menu –Link
  5. Evernote: An easy to use cross platform note program –Link
  6. Chicken of the VNC: Runs nearly every version of VNC, supports SSH tunneling –Link
  7. Teamviewer: Cloudbased remote help utility that is cross platform –Link
  8. Cord: A Microsoft RDP Program that supports multiple versions of RDP –Link
  9. Undock:  A Quick “Eject All” shortcut  utility –Link
  10. RestoreMeNot: With OS/X Lion Apple introduced the restore feature. The problem is some applications you simply do not wish to restore. This lets you choose which apps –Link

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Written by Evilware

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