The Editorial Staff over at the Denver Post, posted a page in which they are in favor of Illegal Aliens getting drivers licenses.

the-denver-post supports illegal aliens

The basis of their argument is that Illegal Aliens should be given the option while in the comission of the crime of Illegally entering and staying within the United States, that they will, in fact show up in masses to buy car insurance and get drivers licenses.

We are not sure what part of ILLEGAL the writer(s) at the Denver post do not understand, so here is the standard definition and it meens
il·le·gal   [ih-lee-guhl]  adjective
1. forbidden by law or statute.

So we are referring to people who actively violate Federal Immigration Law.   There mere presence on U.S. soil is the crime and any activity they do here, usually violates other State and Federal Laws.

So in a time where record levels of unemployement, the weakest economy looming on a major recession want to further cost American Jobs, Lives, and resources by condoning criminal activity?
Every year illegal aliens cost the U.S. tax payer billions of dollars, and the policy of tolerance is not an option.

Not a victimless crime.

If you rob a bank, you are not allowed to profit from the crime. If you bought a house with the stolen money, when you where caught, you would lose the house.  So why do we tolerate illegal Aliens coming into our country, obtaining illegal jobs, jobs which unscrupulous individuals and companies avoid paying fair market wages and taxes, while obtaining ill gotten services or products derived from those services and in term are able to offer those products below fair market value for companies or individuals who legitimately offer services.

America needs to get tough on Illegal Aliens, and start by seizing assets of  illegal aliens, prosecuting anyone who employees or harbors an illegal alien under Section 803 of the Patriot Act, in which anyone, including family members, who harbors a terrorist faces large fines as well as up to 10 years in prison.

Routinely, Illegal aliens enter the U.S. through organized crime syndicates which have links to terrorist organizations.


Deportation is not a Deterrent

Routinely illegal aliens that have violent criminal records are deported. Only to make there way back into the U.S. months, if not weeks later only to continue their criminal activities. Many Police Officers and Citizens alike, end up their victims.

illegal aliens should be given harsh sentences for violating our immigration laws,  hard labor, confiscation of all possessions and RFID tagged


Anyone who thinks tollerance, acceptace is an option, really needs to think long and hard about the world they want to live in, as on a daily basis, Illegal Aliens are costing US all our lives and our lively hood.