The Mayan Calandar ends on December 21st, 2012 and here is a list of reasons why the end of the world is here. So long and thanks for all the fish.End of the World as we know it

  1.  The Bible is riddled with passages about the end of the world. Many point to the following passages suggesting these things have finally come, heralding in the end of days.  (Matt.24,5; Mark 13,6; Luke 21,8) (Matt.24, 6-7; Mark 13,7-8; Luke,21,9-10). (Matt. 24,9; Mark 13, 9-11; Luke 21,12-15).(Matt.24,11). (Matt.24,14; Mark 13,10).(Matt, 24,15-24; Mark 13,14-22; 2 Thess.3-11; 1 John 2,18; Rev.13,1-8). (Matt.24,30-31; Mark 13,26-27, Luke 21,27). Basically lots of wars, famine, earthquakes, the rise of Israel, whack jobs proclaiming to be the Messiah or Neo.
  2.  Nibiru. If you haven’t heard there is this theory held by a Wisconsin woman who claims Space Aliens beamed her up one night and forewarned her that a big blue planet called Nibiru would pass by or smash into Earth, killing most if not all life on Earth.  There are lots and lots of pages devoted to the belief that google to the government is censoring a Giant planet.  Tin foil hat optional
  3. Katie Perry outsells Micheal Jackson in number of records world wide with songs like Firework
  4. Illegal Aliens are a global problem. From America to Zimbabwe  illegal immigrants are a danger to public safety, health, and the economy, while most governments seem apathetic about enforcing or defending their sovereignty.
  5. Ufo sights have dky-rocked in 2012.  Aliens want to save humanity or probe victims
  6. The Sun. Lots of pocket protector loving nerds believe that a massive Solar flare could cause a massive EMP, disrupting power globally for years, not to mention communications and destroying nearly piece of electronic equipment and satellite.
  7.  Civil unrest, economic collapse. Large numbers of folks sick of the same old mantra of the mega wealthy crushing the remaining  middle class will lead to revolutions, and possible civil wars.
  8.  Death of Bees.  Honey Bees have been suffering Colony Collapse Disorder across North America. In part due to harsh chemical pesticides, and in part to GMO’s.
  9. Natural Disasters gone wild. The number and severity of hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes has increased.
  10.  Genetically Modified Food.  Causes organ failure in rats, some straings are designed to not only not create a viable seed, but grow pesticide in what you eat.