Back in the 1980’s amidst the cold war, it was patriotic to love your country, and every day millions of school children would say the pledge of allegiance. Communists where bad, and illegal aliens where arrested for violating national borders.


Today, modern America is a stark contrast to that of the life just a few decades ago.  Most school age children do not star the morning off with the pledge of allegiance. In America, home of the free, and land of the brave, in this post 9/11 culture, special interest groups have all but brain washed the media and stink up the heavens calling anyone a racist for calling an Illegal Alien, an Illegal Alien.


Illegal Aliens  now numbering 20-30 million have become the focus amidst the nations deepest recession in decades. With unemployment at a national average of 12 percent and economists estimating chronic unemployment closer to 18 -20 percent. Americans want to work, and when 8-10 million jobs are held by illegal aliens, many Americans are more than willing to work as day labor jobs, often the lowest paying in America


When the Average citizen or a pubic figure brings up the fact that Americans want Immigration enforcement, you have various Immigration advocacy groups calling that person racist.


Further there seems to be a massive push by these groups to hijack media outlets, and brand anyone who dares to speak out against Illegal Immigration with accusations of racism, or being right wing extremists.


Many Pro Immigration groups will argue that Illegal aliens do not commit more crimes than citizens, but the facts do not support this. Websites such as Counter Punch have articles clearly written as pro-immigration articles, but a quick google news search for “illegal+alien+arrested” or “iillegal+immigrant+crime” will yield dozes of pages of crimes, all of which would have been prevented if that Illegal Alien was not here.  Many of these criminals have had prior arrest records, and as a systemic failure to uphold federal Immigration Law, also would have prevented the tragedies that play out each day in news headlines across the country.


Every illegal alien is a criminal, and in violation of Federal Immigration law.


Despite the crimes each and every illegal alien commits by virtue of entering and / or staying inside the country illegally, is the social costs. Every service, from roads they use, to the police and fire protection as well as Emergency medical services, state educational services, all cost the tax payer. The state of California in its biggest budget crisis of all time, with a budget gap of nearly 20 billion dollars, illegal aliens cost nearly half that at an estimated 9.5 billion dollars.


In a post 9/11 world our politicians refuse to secure the borders. Our borders remain virtually unguarded. Imagine if a terrorist cell managed to get a hold of some nuclear material, and then arrived somewhere in South America with nuclear material. They then through various contacts or simply just drive across the southern US border into a densely populated city such as Houston and detonate the device.  Luckily this has not happened, but if I raise the question do not think some analyst has not already considered this nightmare scenario


Ultimately everyone can point fingers and shout till the heavens them selves reverberate with the choking screams of views on both sides, but its up to the American Citizen to demand their Senator and Congressman, along with all elected officials represent them. For most, apathy and a self serving attitude where nobody could be bothered to be torn away for five minutes out of the day from an endless stream of youtube videos and media sound bytes to take responsibility.