Sydney Australia — Three men attacked a 27-year-old medical student after getting off the train and following him down the alley in Sydney’s west side on Tuesday.

The alleyway is behind the Ninja Senshi Ryu warrior school.


A student ninja leaving the school noticed the attack and alerted his teacher and several other students.

Ninja sensei, Kaylan Soto, says he and his students chased off  the men.

“We looked around to see what was happening and there were three thugs where this  just kicking and punching this guy in the head,” he said.

“We started running towards them and they took off. They would have seen five of us in ninja gear…all in black with our belts on, running toward them.

“I think they’re probably still running if I’m not mistaken.”

Police Officials said they have charged a 16-year-old boy and a 20-year-old man with robbery in company over the assault.

They are looking for a third male described as being between 15 and 17, 5ft 8  and Caucasian.