The days of internet sovereignty could be at an end. No longer could the Great Firewall of XX have any real sway over your server providing the latest news, or game mods. Now, ICANN the folks behind the governance of the Internet where numbers such as really are

DNSSEC, provides realtime source routing information about via certificate information for every Domain. Each certificate issued per domain means that that it makes it increasingly difficult to domain hijack,Ie perform unauthorized domain transfers as well as domain spoof.  No longer could your government spoof to be www.somegov.propaganda, as in the case of China, Australia, Argentina, Iran, Myanmar.

Verizon has already as successfully tested DNNSEC and is working on converting the .EDU domain space. IT will be another 10 months before the .NET space is converted and then registers such as GoDaddy and others will start to covert the .COM space starting in 2011.

What this means for the consumer is, a better security standard for domains. Further, browsers in the very near future could request and validate DNSSEC, providing a higher level of endpoint security.