–Waldorf, Virginia Six illegal aliens are charged with holding a woman against her will overnight and gang raping her, Police officials said.

One of the men first met the 30-year-old Alexandria woman Monday night at an Alexandria nightclub, authorities reported. He offered to drive her home, and when she got to his car, there were several other men inside the vehicle.

Instead of driving her home, the men drove her to a house on Nicholas Road in Waldorf. They forced her inside and sexually assaulted her throughout the night. One of the men had a knife, and they threatened to kill her if she didn’t follow their orders.

Early Tuesday morning, the woman was able to escape. She ran to a house on Country Lane and the residents there called for help.

Police said they believe the men are all Illegal Aliens, and said that they have not been able to confirm that the men provided their real names.

The men have been charged with first-degree rape and false imprisonment: Henry Misael Hernandez-Ramos, 20; Adelio Orellana Cruz, 28; Ivan Urillas-Hernandez, 21; Ismael Echeverria Montoya, 27; Jose Omar Hernandez-Orellana, 20; and Juan Carlos Santa-Maria, 18.

Urillas-Hernandez and Santa-Maria were being held without bond; Cruz and Hernandez-Orellana were being held on $250,000 bond; and Hernandez-Ramos and Montoya had not appeared before court.

Another shining example of how illegal immigration is not a victimless crime.