Donna Simpson, A 600 pound New Jersey woman aims to become the worlds fattest woman.


Donna Simpson, a 42-year-old mother of two already has the title “Worlds fattest Mother” after giving birth to her daughter in 2007.

Simpson, who needs a mobility scooter to go shopping is on a 12,000 calorie a day diet, which is six times the daily recommended intake for women, and costs her an average of 800 dollars a week in groceries.

At her present rate of consumption, it should just take her over two years to become the worlds fattest pig women.

Doctors have warned Donna Simpson, that unless she gets her weight under control, she will not see her two children graduate high school.  Simpson’s Body Mass Index, a statistical measure which compares a person’s weight and height, is 104. A normal BMI is 19-24, someone classified as morbidly obese is 40.

Donna Simpson makes money by posting pics of her self on  She uses the alias Treasure, where for 14.95 USD you can see Simpson’s various photos, chat and watch Simpson eat.

Just days after Donna Simpson announced her intention on becoming the worlds fattest woman, she has received an interview with ET, a book deal, calls from Dr.Phill , Inside Edition, Oprah, and a reality tv show deal.