Proposed bills SB 1070 and HB 2632 won approval in the Arizona Senate, and is awaiting a full vote in the House. The bill, sponsored by Rep. David Gowa and Sen. Russell Pearce would take steps to enforce Immigration laws, as the Federal Government does nothing to stem the tide of illegal aliens flowing into the country.

The bills key features include

  • Would make it illegal to stop at a street to pick up and knowingly hire undocumented workers.
  • Would make it illegal to transport or conceal undocumented immigrants
  • Would require law enforcement officials to assist in enforcing federal immigration laws.
  • Would make being in the country illegally a trespassing offense in Arizona.
  • Would make it illegal for undocumented workers to seek work in public places.

The bill has strong opposition by Illegal Immigrants, Pro Illegal Immigration groups who staged several protests in the states capitol.

The bill is overwhelmingly supported by citizens, law enforcement, and Pro Immigration Enforcement groups.