America is beat up, tired and displaced by the deepest recession in American history. With economic woes and the jobless rate having risen to the highest levels since The Great Depression.  While legal immigrants and natural citizens have earned the right to all the benefits that make the U.S. Great, illegal immigrants come to America in a hope that they too can get a small slice of the pie, only one problem, there isn’t enough for all.

Politicians would have you believe its some great American deed, that your money, my money, the tax payers money, should go to provide for illegal immigrants. After all, they only broke a litany of laws just to enter the country Illegally, and more than likely are committing identity theft, to obtain a Job, as a “valid” U.S. Citizen.

We the people, despite our outrage need to do more than just sit idly by and read blogs, time is for action and the action is to start voting politicians out of office, start recall campaigns, join Pro immigration enforcement PAC’s and report anyone you suspect employing, or being an illegal alien to the DHS

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