No matter which side of the debate on Health-care reform, the current legislation is a bitter pill that nobody should want to swallow.  As congress and the senate would have it, both bills laden with pork and special provisions, such as Medicate plus being allowed to indefinately continue in Florida at the cost of all, and Nebraska to not have any costs for the healthcare, to special funding of pet projects.

While the very notion of Universal Healthcare sounds great, the reality is anything but a nightmare. Starting with Both the House and Senate bills, who added large sums of special provisions ie “pork” to their versions of the Health care bill do little if anything to guarentee universinal access to medical care, control costs, or pay for the bill.

The bill, largely drafted by insurance lobbysts impose maditory insurance for all, but does nothing to answer  the real question, In a single payer universal heathcare system , why do We need insurance?

Instead the current Obama Administration wants to force healthcare down America’s throat, in which CNN polls show over 60 percent of America opposes the Bill.

The Healthcare Bill besides being costly, and is opposed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce,  would put the Government in the position to pressure the elderly into euthanasia aka “end of life contracts”

It would be cheaper and far better if for the cost of this plan, which is set to cost the same each year as the Iraq war, to station Military medical facilties and battalions in each of our major cities across the country. We could not only provide free medical care at FT “City Name ” medical facilty for U.S. citizens, we could also clean up our streets, dramatically reducing crime  Illegal immigration would be enforced as anyone who was in the U.S. illegally could be detained as an enemy combatant, interrorgated, and ultamately either shipped to their country as prisioners, or permantly detained as a potential terrorist.

Plus the added military presence in our cities would dump millions into the local economy, it would boost local business and fuel small business creating tens of thousands of much needed jobs.

We could even deploy the army core of engineers and rebuild our infastructure.  Schools, bridges, power stations, roads, all could be built, leaving us a better nation.

Of course, as long as Washington is held by politicians who are fat and bloated, feeding out of the hands of lobbyists. All the while apathy and complacency have become the norm of the American voter