Top 24 companies that screwed U.S. Workers by using H-B1 visas

While there where over a thousand companies that applied for H-B1 visa’s in 2009, here are a list of the top 24 that decided to hire immigrant help as its far cheaper than hiring an equally qualified American worker.



  1. WiPro  1,964
  2. Microsoft 1,318 H-1B Visas
  3. Intel 723 H-1B Visas
  4. Patni Americas 609 H-1B Visas
  5. Larsen & Toubro Infotech 602 H-1B Visas
  6. Ernst & Young 481 H-1B Visas
  7. Infosys 440 H-1B Visa
  8. UST Global 344 H-1B Visas
  9. Deloitte 328 H-1B Visas
  10. Qualcomm 320 H-1B Visas
  11. Cisco Systems 308 H-1B Visas
  12. Accenture 287 H-1B Visas
  13. KPMG 287 H-1B Visas
  14. Oracle 272 H-1B Visas
  15. Polaris Software Lab India 254 H-1B Visas
  16. Rite Aid 240 H-1B Visas
  17. Goldman Sachs 236 H-1B Visas
  18. Deloitte & Touche 235 H-1B Visas
  19. Cognizant 233 H-1B Visas
  20. Mphasis 229 H-1B Visas
  21. Satyam 219 H-1B Visas
  22. Bloomberg 217 H-1B Visas
  23. Motorola 213 H-1B Visas
  24. Google 211 H-1B Visas


The H-1B visa program allows American companies and universities to hire foreign scientists, engineers and programmers. Unfortunately, H-1B law lacks adequate safeguards to protect US workers from being displaced and is abused to provide cheap labor. Although requirements say employers must pay the “prevailing wage,” numerous loopholes mean there is little real-world wage protection for either US citizens or the H-1B guest workers. Moreover, employers almost never have to certify that no qualified U.S. workers are available before hiring an H-1B. Certification is nearly an automatic rubber stamp.

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