Guadalupe Martinez-Lopez 24, an illegal immigrant has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted first-degree murder. All the charges have firearm enhancements in Grant County Superior Court, WA

“He confessed to the murder and alluded to the fact that he’d been involved in several other armed robberies,” Grant County Under sheriff John Turley stated.

In a statement to authorities, Martinez- Lopez said he shot a man named Oaxaca in his car, claiming he was mad at Oaxaca and and another rival gang. As Oaxaca stumbled into the street, Martinez- Lopez stated he stood over him and fired another round. The body was found on Road 26 near Mattawa.

Witnesses said he then went to a mobile home where the rest of the gang lived. The documents report Martinez-Lopez stood on the front porch,  and opened fire. Three men died, including Pedro Rivera Sanchez, 21.

He then drove to Sunnyside, held up the Pik-a-Pop store in the 1500 block and Hiway Fruit in the 200 block along the Yakima Valley Highway.

His crime spree started November 28th with an armed robbery at the Metro Mart on 10th and Lewis in Pasco. Two days later, he hit up One Stop, less than one mile away from the first robbery.

Two days after that, on December 2, Martinez-Lopez robbed Sandovals, a Basin City convenience store in North Franklin County. He also robbed a customer that happened to be inside. An hour later, Pasco police suspect he high-tailed it back to Pasco, where he’s suspected of robbing Atomic foods on 4th Avenue.